Specifying Moisture Mitigation Systems

It is not uncommon in the modern building environment to have products and finishes substituted out during the construction process to save on time and money. This can lead to the design vision you presented to your client being diluted and at worst lost in the final delivery.

At Ontera, we work to support your design vision and project delivery with both market leading design and fully warranted Site-Related Solutions (SRS) system. SRS helps ensure that when you specify Ontera, the builder installs Ontera.

The SRS system mitigates against moisture in green slabs allowing our WellBAC™ carpet tile to be installed after 90 days without the need for any moisture or pH testing. On refurbishment projects, it helps control costs by mitigating against escalating on-site remedial work caused after the removal of existing floor coverings. Saving time, money and your design.

 How to Specify SRS

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