Installing Moisture Mitigation Systems

With budget blowouts and time constraints in today’s construction environment, more than ever, flooring contractors need support from manufactures to deliver high-quality installations. They must fall within specification, meet budget and be handed over on time, with confidence.

Ontera’s Site-Related Solutions (SRS) has 25 years of proven success to tackle moisture mitigation and costly subfloor preparation. This is a fully warranted system that provides confidence - when its down, it stays down.

SRS allows new concrete to do what it is designed to do, emit moisture as it cures. For refurbishment projects, it can eliminate the need for grinding back old adhesives. SRS combines Ontera’s unique Non-Reactive Standard Adhesive and our open-cell WellBAC™ Comfort carpet tiles which allows the subfloor to breathe, delivering a market leading fully warranted flooring system.

 How to Install SRS

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